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Aaron's Big Boy Toys


Still carrying his CDL licence, Aaron occasionally slips behind the wheel of his tour bus while on the road.

In a semi-circle on Aaron's property stands a line of old trucks and farm equipment; including dumptrucks, wreckers, semi-trailers, and tractors.

"I love those old B-Model Macks! You really have to drive those trucks. They're past their prime, but they still rumble to life and pull a load, still doin' what they were born to do!

"The biggest thrill for me is to find an old Mack in the bushers, dig it out, put some good fuel in it, hook a chain to it, pull 'er about 20 feet and B-R-O-O-O-O-M, hear her come to life. Those old Macks want to live so bad. They're tough old trucks. When you see that smoke comin' out of the stack and she comes to life, you can't help but holler a bit."

Aaron is quick to say that his trucks are far from museum pieces. "They're to busy working right now. They'll have to wait till later to get pretty."
Click here for Aaron's current collection (Big Boy Toys Page 2)!

Aaron and Buddy (a Weimaraner)

A Bit of Trivia

Back in South Carolina, Aaron worked for several trucking companies. He drove a White Road Commander for Cooper Motor Lines through the east and southeast with a buddy from his band for a driving partner. Aaron has also hauled dry freight for Carolina Western with a GMC Astro


** Two Mack H-67 tractors (one formerly owned
       by Wall Trucking Co., High Point, NC)

** White Mustand dump, 1961

** LaCrosse 40-ton lowboy semi-trailer

** Tandem dump semi-trailer (formerly owned
       by Palmer Bros., Armory, NC)

Aaron's Collection

** Chevrolet cab/chassis,
       c. 1970

** Two Ford dumptrucks:
       c. 1961 F-600
       c. 1974 F-750

** Mack LJ tractor c. 1947

** Mack B-61 with Holmes
       twin boom wrecker

** Mack B-61 tandem dump
       (formerly owned by
       Ferguson Bros.,
       Greenwood, MS)

** Mack B-61 tandem tractor
       (also formerly owned
       by Ferguson Bros.)

** Mack B-67 tandem tractor

** Mack B-Model parts truck

This is Aaron's favorite truck,
a Mack B-61 tandem tractor.

Aaron's B-42 Mack tandem dump truck
This is one of Aaron's two Mack H-67 tractors.
Here is Aaron's 1961 White Mustang dump, which he likes because of the big Mustang hood ornament. In the background is the Mack B-61 with its Holmes twin-boom wrecker.
Note of Interest:
Aaron said he always had pretty good luck with his driving, and never had any accidents, "Except for occasionally backing up into something!" Before he retires, Aaron said he'd "like to write and record a truck drivin' album."