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The Colonel
-- Aaron Tippin was the guest of honor at the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission Meeting on Thursday, where General Bob Woods presented him with an American flag which had been flown over the capital, in honor of his patriotic efforts.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Tippin and his band entertained troops stationed at Operation Enduring Freedom Forward Operating Bases, performing free shows, signing autographs and mingling with troops in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Qatar.

Tippin was also presented with a certificate naming him Colonel Aide de Camp, Governors Staff by Tennessees Governor, Phil Bredesen

Aaron Tippin Special And Interview On GAC

Mar. 24, 6pm:  Tune in for an Aaron Tippin special featuring music and interview. Aaron talks about his recent trip to Afghanistan. 
Update On Aaron Tippin and GAC's 'Made In America'
 'Made In America,' which Aaron is to host is scheduled to air the first week in April 2003.  More details will be on the Great American Country page as soon as they become available.  Make sure you check out this page frequently

Aaron and Thea's video, 'Love Like There's No Tomorrow,' which debuted on GAC over this last weekend, was a preview for an upcoming special which includes several videos with several artists.  I am not sure when this special will be telecast.  When I get more information, I will be sure to share it will you.  Supposedly, this video will only be telecast on GAC, I would imagine this could change if Aaron and Thea's song is successful on the charts.  'Love Like There's No Tomorrow' is a terrific song, highlighting what is truly important, especially in today's world.  Make sure you call your local radio stations to request this song

Aaron Tippin and GAC's 'Made In America'
I'm sure many of you have heard that Aaron is to host a show on GAC called 'Made In America.'  There are twenty-six episodes to be telecast; several have already been taped.  The format of the show is centered around items actually "MADE IN AMERICA."  From what I understand, one of the items to be highlighted is Peterbilt trucks.    Again, I do not have the particulars on when these shows are to air, but as soon as I find out more information, I will share this with you.